Au-Pair to be

Did you ever think about being an Aupair, but you think you don’t have enough experiences, you don’t have a relationship with kids or you are afraid of the language barrier or culture shock?

Don’t worry. I have some stories to tell and then you can decide if it’s the life change you want, or not.


My story officially started in May 2014 (it didn’t seem that long time ago until I wrote it down!). But many months before I was looking up options how to travel abroad and I always stumbled across this au-pair thing. I’ve always checked it out even tho I thought I’ve had barely any experiences with kids (later on I realized it is not true), and I was also underage, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  After I graduated I moved from my hometown to the capital city of Czech Republic to study English. Nothing fancy, just a language school. Needless to say, it didn’t teach me much. So I started looking up those travel abroad options once more. And guess what. As I was reading thru the au-pair criteria I found out that I am able to apply, since I went to kids camp as in instructor since I was 16 years old. Why didn’t it come to my mind earlier? I have honestly no idea.

And that was the night when I decided to apply. So I did. That night pretty much changed my life. I got in touch with the agency Cultural Care. My search for family started on the 11th of June. I went thru a couple families and got a ticket to New York City for the 20th of October.

I was nervous, anxious but I was so happy. It was my dream and it was coming true.

Today it is over 2 years since I got on the plane from Prague to New York City. I truly feel like it just happened yesterday.


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