Why people say “you are lucky”?

Usually, when I go home I try to talk to as many friends as possible. Perhaps school reunions or just friendly meetings. It usually starts with the basic questions like “how are you” and “how is it to live abroad?” and pretty much ends with the words “You are so lucky.”

Gold Coast ViewSo let me explain, why are we not lucky.

  1. It is not luck, it is hard work.
    So “you are lucky”. I’ve had times when I really disliked this phrase, but now I just smile and say “Yeah, I know.” It is really hard to explain anyone, that it is not really a luck. It is work and it is hard. No one sees it because I chose to. I don’t want anyone to hear about the struggles I, and pretty much everyone who decided to move abroad, have. But I can assure you, they are there. We just don’t complain, because it is what we wanted.
  2. We are counting dimes.
    Or cents, galleons. However you want to call it.
    It is not always easy. Usually, you go somewhere, expecting to be making money out of nothing. Nope. Do you have a degree? Well, it doesn’t really matter abroad anyway. Everyone has to start from 0. Even if you are engineer or doctor and you didn’t study in the language of the country you are in, you probably have to take language exam and maybe so other certificates to proof you are worthy of that particular job.
  3. Making new friends Every step along the way, we are meeting new people. Every day we have to decide if we gonna let that person in or not. Isn’t it worthless? As I am getting older I find it harder to let people in my life, because I really don’t know where I will be next month. It might be just me since I am, I guess an introvert in some ways, I get quite a lot lonely.
  4. Losing old friends
    I would say, I am losing friends regularly.  It is not a bad thing at all. As I understand, it is part of the process. Growing up. Our ways are splitting. That is just the way it is. But the true ones will stay. I am pretty sure of that one. I have friends I so very deeply care about, so I text them from time to time, just to catch up. What’s new and how are they doing. It is important, to let the people know, you care about them. So if you are missing someone, go, open that tab on Facebook and just say it. It won’t get easier than that.
  5. Fear wanderlust kicks in again The thing with me is, that I have this travelbug and it is making me leave to a city I’ve always wanted to go to. See to place and live the place. I  eat, drink, meet, laugh.. you know, all that stuff. But then what happened… suddenly, this feeling appear out of nowhere. I have this urge to go and eat, drink, meet and laugh somewhere else. Somewhere new again. So I have this fear, that I will never truly find that one place, I will have all the friends at, or just be local and love and live the place. Does it sound ridiculous or you’ve got wanderlust too?
  6. Missing home comfort
    Getting out of your comfort zone is a big one. Leaving your family, friends, a job, school, a pet, grocery store or your own bed. It is leaving and you probably won’t ever get used to it. Do you know the feeling, when you are in hurry and just need to stop by at the shop to buy a chocolate box for your friend birthday and just know, where the sweets isle is? Yeah, me either.
  7. Gossips
    So this is kind of story to tell. I remember when I came home for Christmas from London, where I’ve lived for about 6 months. I went to buy some groceries with my mom and as we were paying, she whispered to me: “The couple in front of us is talking about you.” I looked and they were looking at me whispering and pointing. So I was like, do I have something on my face? Nope.
    Later on, I was thinking about it and I figured, that I have no idea who those people were. I have never seen them in my life. That kind of made my day, to be honest. I really don’t care what they were saying, it was just funny, that is all.
    So I was like.. famous in my town or what.

But you know, if you are ready to overcome all of these and probably many more challenges, you will see the World in a whole new light. It will give you perspective and it will educate you like nothing else. It will teach you how to be in love with yourself, it will give you so much more that you can even imagine. So I urge you, please please, go.