Why people say “you are lucky”?

Usually, when I go home I try to talk to as many friends as possible. Perhaps school reunions or just friendly meetings. It usually starts with the basic questions like “how are you” and “how is it to live abroad?” and pretty much ends with the words “You are so lucky.”

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Au-Pair to be

Did you ever think about being an Aupair, but you think you don’t have enough experiences, you don’t have a relationship with kids or you are afraid of the language barrier or culture shock?

Don’t worry. I have some stories to tell and then you can decide if it’s the life change you want, or not.

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Life by Bondi

FullSizeRender 50The ocean is giving me chills. And I mean it is super really sooo badly cold, but also chills of excitement. I fell deeply that I was supposed to live by the ocean. I try to go to the beach every day just to listen or hang out. It is my kind of taking it all easy. Sometimes I go to see the sunrise. Totally worth it. Only a few people on the beach, a few surfers. The beginning of the day. Continue reading “Life by Bondi”